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Saving energy with House of Surrey.

Fitting replacement doors and windows helps you save money

How annoying is that roaring traffic outside your home? Or the winter gale blowing through those old single-glazed windows you've been meaning to replace for years? Why put up with these and other annoyances when stylish new replacement windows and doors will have you saving energy in no time - and make your home more stylish, secure and liveable too? Shouldn't you be saving energy and your hard-earned money?

Save Energy

Here are some of the ways to save with House of Surrey double glazing...

Rising energy bills? - We can help...

Fuel prices keep rising - and so do those huge energy bills. Without positive action, your central heating costs won't get smaller, especially while you're battling draughts from rattly old windows. Fortunately, there's a way to respond to spiralling gas and electricity prices. House of Surrey holds the key to home improvements that can help you control energy loss and take the pain out of heating the home:

  • Advanced heat-control glazing for windows and conservatories.

  • Well-fitting doors and windows that cut heat loss.

  • Warm edge sealed unit spacers and gas-filled double-glazing that makes energy saving easy.

  • Window Energy Ratings (WER)-compliant replacement windows.

  • Fitting low-maintenance doors and windows (an obvious way to save time and money into the future).

The costs and savings with House of Surrey will differ between homes. But as a guide, the UK's respected Energy Saving Trust says that replacing single glazing with 'B' rated double glazing in a gas-heated three bedroom semi could save £135 per year (680 kg CO2/yr). That's got to be good in the face of rising gas and electricity prices.

Cutting central heating costs is only part of the story.

And of course, as well as cost savings from smaller heating bills, there are other benefits from installing double glazing:

  • Reduced noise
  • Improved security
  • Better looks and colour finishes
  • Low maintenance

How to be Green!

Save Energy

Reduced CO2 is only part of the attraction of eco-friendly energy efficient glazing. The long life and durability of uPVC means doors and windows may not need to be replaced as soon as cheap softwoods. The production of our doors and energy efficient windows sends virtually no production waste to landfill.

For saving energy, trust House of Surrey and its installers.

Saving energy starts with your first call to your local House of Surrey installer. Part of their no-pressure sales approach involves explaining ways to save energy with our products. From a home full of energy efficient windows to a draught excluding letter box, they're on your side when you want to cut costs and help the environment.

You wouldn't expect anything less from House of Surrey.