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Saving energy with House of Surrey energy-efficient replacement doors

A well-made, expertly fitted energy efficient exterior door can save you money and energy...

When you let the light in with House of Surrey exterior replacement doors you do more than create stylish entrances for your home. With the cost of heating your home rising higher and higher, one of the best home improvements you can make is to replace draughty old doors with beautifully fitted, energy efficient doors.

Rotten door

Energy efficient uPVC and composite doors

House of Surrey customers enjoy a wonderful choice of replacement doors. Whether you choose your new doors as part of a complete home makeover, or as a stand alone improvement, you can choose from a great selection of door types and door frames including these:

  • Energy efficient French doors
  • Energy saving patio doors
  • Replacement doors for period properties
  • Stable doors
  • Composite doors
  • uPVC and aluminium bi-fold doors

We'll keep out more than just draughts

It's your choice and the certainty is that with every House of Surrey external door you'll enjoy an industry-leading combination of looks, energy-efficiency, noise insulation and security - because it isn't just draughts that you want to keep out. As well as the latest energy efficient performance, every House of Surrey door plays its part in keeping out intruders and traffic noise.

How do I save money with my replacement doors?

Fuel prices may keep climbing, but with House of Surrey doors you'll be cutting your electricity bill, keeping cash in your pocket, as well as being commendably eco friendly - the UK Energy Saving Trust will be proud of you. Saving money with House of Surrey starts with the competitive prices offered by our experienced local installers and continues with benefits such as these:

  • Draught exclusion - helps cut central heating costs
  • Energy efficient doors using advanced glazing technology
  • Reduced maintenance costs - that's the beauty of uPVC

And of course, for the ultimate finishing touch, we offer a wide range of door glazing options, door furniture and colour finishes. Who said 'energy efficient' had to mean utilitarian and boring? Not Vevo!

Helping you make an energy-efficient uPVC door choice

What features and benefits will be most important for your home when you choose your new uPVC door? With the help of our friendly, experienced, locally-based installers, you'll soon be making sense of U rating values and enjoying the quality, style and security that define House of Surrey doors.

For great ideas and up-to-date technical information on how to be energy efficient when choosing your door, there's no substitute for a knowledgeable expert.

So let the light in and create the perfect energy efficient entrance with the help of your friendly local House of Surrey replacement doors installer.